E. What if problems occur during the study or with treatment?

Your health is more important than following the research plan. If any changes are needed to protect your health, we will talk with you about them before they are made. We will also tell you if any new information becomes available that may change your willingness to stay in this study.

In the event that this research activity results in an injury, care for such injuries will be billed in the ordinary manner to you or your insurance company. Insurance companies may refuse to pay for injuries sustained while participating in a research study or while receiving a treatment that is considered experimental. If you think that you have suffered a research-related injury, let the study physician(s) know right away.

If you are injured as a result of the experimental parts of this research study, you should immediately contact the researcher Dr. Dawn Siegel or her research team at (414) 266-2000. You may also call the Chairperson of the hospital's committee that reviewed this research study at (414) 266-7454.

You do not waive any legal rights by participating in this study or by signing this form.

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