Chemical burns

Chemical burns can occur when strong acids or alkalies come in contact with the skin and/or the eyes.

Caring for chemical burns:

  • Stop the burning process, if the chemical is a powder, brush away as much as possible, and flush the area with a large amount of water.
  • Rinse exposed area with running water for 20 minutes; a hose is preferable but you may use a shower or faucet.
  • Carefully remove the contaminated clothing, making sure not to touch the unaffected skin with the contaminated clothing. Cut clothing away, if necessary.
  • If the chemical has splashed into your child's eyes, begin rinsing his/her eyes immediately and continue doing so until medical help has arrived. If your child wears contact lenses, try to remove them.
  • Cover the burned area loosely with a dry, clean cloth.
  • If the chemical your child has been exposed to is a dry or powdered chemical, it may not be necessary to rinse the area with water. Instead of rinsing, carefully wipe the powder from the skin and check the package enclosure for emergency advice.
  • Seek medical attention or dial 911 for emergency medical attention
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