Clinical trials for diabetes

As one of the largest diabetes programs in the country, we're committed to research that could improve the lives of families living with this chronic disease, and we work closely with the Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The center conducts cutting-edge research that includes a particular focus on using genetics and genomics tools to study the development and progression of diabetes. Patients and their families play a critical role in this important work.

For example, the center's investigators have collected blood samples, genetic material, and clinical histories on more than 500 families with diabetes, following many subjects for years. Other past studies have focused on intervention groups for adolescents with type 1 diabetes and the impact of coping skills training for children with chronic health conditions, including diabetes.

Want to get involved? Find a list of all the current studies at Children's Research Institute or learn more about research at Children's:

  • Why pediatric research matters
  • Overview of research at the Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes
  • Detecting and preventing juvenile diabetes
  • Institutional Review Board at Children's Wisconsin
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