Diabetes care management


Surgical advice

  • Schedule the procedure early in the day. Ask to be the first case if possible.
  • Let the clinic know as soon as possible about the type of procedure and when it will happen. That way, we can recommend any changes that might be needed to your insulin doses.
  • If the procedure is being performed outside of Children’s Wisconsin, please give the clinic the facility’s contact information. That way, we can give that team advice on how to help manage your diabetes during the procedure.
  • Do not skip your long-acting insulin the night before a procedure. We may recommend you decrease the dose, but we will not stop it.
  • Better diabetes management usually leads to better healing post-procedure. If this procedure is not urgently needed, it might be better to wait until management is better.
  • Recovery from a procedure can be like a sick day. Make sure to have your sick-day guidelines, ketone strips and clear liquids on hand. We recommend avoiding red liquids, as they can be mistaken for blood.
  • Drink plenty of fluids after the procedure and take pain medications as prescribed.