Young Adult Diabetes Clinic

The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be challenging for any family. Adding a chronic health condition, such as diabetes, to the equation can be difficult. Blood sugar control often worsens and there is increasing chance of being lost to follow-up as the adolescent leaves his home base for the outside world, whether to college or to independent living. Managing the transition between pediatric (dependent) and adult (independent) care for young people with chronic health conditions helps maintain good health.

The Young Adult Diabetes Clinic at New Berlin Clinic has been designed to help bridge the gap between pediatric and adult care. This clinic was designed specifically for current Children's patients transferring from our pediatric diabetes clinic. High school graduates (young adults age 17 and above) are invited to attend this clinic. It is built on a modified adult model which means:

  • We will follow the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines for adults, but will educate and discuss the reasons, risks, and benefits for a given test or intervention - we want young adults to be well-informed and advocate for their own health!
  • Concepts of chronic disease management, such as prescription refills, appointment coordination, sick day management, and insurance coverage, will be introduced and encouraged
  • We will see patients through age 21. Some exceptions will be made for 22 year olds
  • Transition to adult endocrinologist may occur any time you wish between ages 18 and 21. We will directly assist with this transition.
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