What to expect


  • After you check-in with the front desk, they may notify you if any x-rays are needed before seeing the doctor. If so, you will be directed to one of our radiology rooms where x-rays will be taken before you are shown to your clinic room.

Clinic room

  • Once you finish check-in, you will be brought to the clinic room where our clinic staff will take your vital signs (height, weight, BP, temperature). You may then see multiple providers to help you in your visit.

Your visit with providers

  • You may be seen by a licensed athletic trainer or medical learner before you see your doctor. They will ask you questions about your injury or condition and examine your affected limb.
  • The doctor will come in shortly after. She or he may ask some of the same questions as well as perform another examination. This may seem redundant, but this is done to be as thorough as possible and give an opportunity for teaching and learning throughout the visit.
  • After the history and physical examination is complete, your doctor will provide you details of your diagnosis and answer any questions you may have.
  • He or she will then give you options for treatment of your condition or injury. Sometimes that includes observation, medication, physical or occupational therapy, immobilization with a cast or splint, or in some cases, surgery.