Educational resources

Learning to care for a child with a tracheostomy and home ventilator is a journey. Our team has an educational program that includes bedside training with nursing and respiratory care staff, classroom based respiratory equipment sessions, teach back opportunities, simulation opportunities, and rooming in care experiences (known as Independent Care).

The following Stepping Stones to Discharge outlines the goals that are part of the training to take care of a child with a tracheostomy and home ventilator. Along with the stepping stones to discharge, below is a link to our caregiver agreement which outlines the expectations we have for our trach team members and caregivers throughout their journey in our program. 

Educational videos

The following videos are a resource to use when completing training and that you can reference at any time. These videos correspond to the written education provided to you in your Care Notebook that you received from your trach vent team.

What is a tracheostomy?


Tracheostomy care and suctioning the trach tube


Preparing to come home with a trach


Equipment and care


Tracheostomy CPR


Tracheostomy problems and emergencies


Additional videos

Here are additional resources that you can reference at any time. You will also find links to these in your care notebook.

One person trach change


Two person trach change


Twill Tie trach holders


One person emergency trach change


Trach suctioning


How to collect a sterile tracheostomy aspirate culture at home


Reasons why to use your manual resuscitator bag


Suctioning the trach tube and giving manual breaths


Giving an MDI and manual breaths


Checking the resuscitator bag


Connecting oxygen to the manual resuscitator bag


Giving breaths with the manual resuscitator bag


Passy Muir Speaking Valve


Parent interviews

Your Trach/Vent team is here to support you throughout your trach journey. We know that hearing from parents who have been in your shoes is helpful. Below are videos from parents in our program, past and present, who wanted to share about their journey.

Trach/Vent inpatient parent interview


Trach/Vent foster parent interviews



Trach/Vent clinic visit interview

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