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Cindy Schwartz, MD, medical director of hematology-oncology, MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children's Wisconsin

"60 Minutes" speaks to Children’s Wisconsin doctor concerning drug shortages

In 2019, there was a national shortage of the cancer fighting medicine Vincristine. Sadly, it is one example of drug and medical supply shortages that have started to occur more frequently. “60 Minutes” highlighted the issue of drug shortages and interviewed experts around the country to understand the scope and complexity of the issue. 

That included Cindy Schwartz, MD, medical director of hematology-oncology at the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, who is nationally recognized for treating Hodgkin lymphoma and osteosarcoma, as well as developing long-term survivorship programs. 

Dr. Schwartz, who is also a committee chair for the Children’s Oncology Group, a national pediatric cancer organization, shared how the shortage of Vincristine created an ethical dilemma for her colleagues across the country.

Watch the full segment to hear Dr. Schwartz advocate on behalf kids and her colleagues. 

Children’s Wisconsin finds it unacceptable that external factors like drug shortages could interfere with the care of kids fighting cancer. While no child at Children’s Wisconsin had their treatment changed due to the shortage of Vincristine in 2019, our supply was critically low. 

We work both independently to address any shortages of medical supplies and drugs, as well as partner with Children’s Hospital Association and other pediatric hospitals to help manage shortages and needs.