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Noah spoke about his mental health care experience at Children's Wisconsin with WTMJ-TV

TMJ4: Young boy helped by Yabuki Family Foundation's gift to Children’s Wisconsin

We are so proud of Noah, who not only asked for help with his mental health, but was willing to share his story recently with TMJ4 News. Watch the story.

“To other kids out there, I would just say that they should definitely go ask for help if they felt like I did,” he said. By speaking up, Noah was able to meet with a Children's Wisconsin therapist at the same time he met with his pediatrician.

This is exactly what Jeff Yabuki and his family had in mind when they made a $20 million donation to help us transform mental health care for Wisconsin kids. Thank you Noah, his mom and the Yabuki family for helping promote the importance of kids' mental health.

In late 2019, Children’s Wisconsin shared a five-year, $150 million vision to address the growing mental and behavioral health crisis facing Wisconsin kids. Learn more about the impact of the Yabuki Family Foundation's gift and how it's helping Children's Wisconsin achieve that goal.