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At Every Turn Born without a trachea Dr. Mike Mitchell, Dr. John Densmore, Children's Wisconsin

At Every Turn: Born without a trachea

See the powerful and inspiring story of Thomas Richards and Tennison Seegers, two young boys forever linked by a rare and previously always fatal birth defect. 

Thomas and Tennison were born two years and less than 100 miles apart — and neither boy had a trachea. Unable to breathe, before Thomas, no child in the United States had ever survived. But today, Thomas and Tennison are living, breathing, thriving testaments to the power of innovation, determination and hope against all odds. Thanks to the resilience of their families and the unparalleled team of surgeons and care providers at Children's Wisconsin who pioneered new and heroic approaches, babies with this condition will now be born with hope, where as recently as five years ago, there was none.

Watch their story and learn how Children’s Wisconsin is committed to doing the best for kids at every turn.