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Shine Through Children's Wisconsin

Children’s Wisconsin launches Shine Through

5 year initiative to help address the mental and behavioral health challenges of kids in Wisconsin

Wisconsin kids are in crisis. The need for mental health services is increasing as Wisconsin kids and teens are hospitalized for a mental health condition at more than four times the national rate.

Children’s Wisconsin is launching Shine Through, an awareness campaign to help address the mental and behavioral health challenges of kids.

The awareness campaign highlights Children’s five-year, $150 million plan to detect mental health needs sooner, improve access to services and reduce the stigma around the illness.

“Children’s Wisconsin has more than 2 million touch points with kids across the state each year. We know how much these resources are needed,” said Peggy Troy, president and CEO of Children’s Wisconsin. “With Shine Through, we can help the community be more aware of and address mental health, and ultimately, improve the health of Wisconsin’s kids.”

The rollout of the awareness campaign will be featured on social media, digital ads, home mailings and other communication efforts.

$150 million need for mental health efforts

Children’s Wisconsin is focused on seven initiatives to implement over the next five years to help address the growing mental and behavioral health crisis facing Wisconsin kids. They are:

  1. Universal screening for mental health
  2. Early childhood mental health
  3. School-based mental and behavioral health
  4. Integrated mental and behavioral health
  5. Therapist fellowship program
  6. Urgent and emergent mental health
  7. Partnerships with inpatient and residential care providers

$15 million challenge ongoing to support mental health initiatives

In January, Children’s announced a $15 million challenge to support the health system’s $150 million plan. An anonymous donor made the largest single donation in Children’s Wisconsin history with a $15 million pledge to match dollar-for-dollar donations designated to support mental and behavioral health services. The anonymous donor made this commitment hoping it would inspire others to give.

Additional donations have come from:

  • $5 million from Kohl’s, which supports system-wide screening, school-based programs and mental health awareness efforts.
  • $2.5 million from United Health Foundation to fund a crisis team in Children’s Emergency Department for children with mental and behavioral health needs.
  • $1 million from Boldt Corporation that partially funds the therapist fellowship program.
  • $1 million from Rexnord Foundation to support the plan overall.