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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: How Project Ujima helps families touched by gun violence

Project Ujima works to stop the cycle of violent crimes through crisis intervention and case management, social and emotional support, youth development and mentoring, mental health, and medical services. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently observed the Project Ujima Summer Camp, where kids who have experienced violence get to connect.

"They don’t have to explain themselves. They’re surrounded by people like 16-year-old Eric Wright, who returned this summer as a volunteer after attending camp as a participant last year.

'Project Ujima, it will change somebody,' Wright said.

The program started in 1996 as a partnership between Children's Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin. It connects kids and their families with mentors and case workers who can help them heal, physically and emotionally, after a traumatic event. Its purpose is more urgent than ever, as Milwaukee continues to grapple with a historic surge in gun violence."

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