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Top media stories of 2019 for Children's Wisconsin

Top 10 media stories of 2019

2019 was a year filled with important and compelling media stories for Children’s Wisconsin — from new groundbreaking surgeries or treatments to new ways of protecting children and starting a national conversation about vaping. Catch up on it all with our top 10 media stories of 2019.

1. Wall Street Journal: ‘The Bells Start Going Off.’ How Doctors Uncovered the Vaping Crisis

2. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Groundbreaking surgery saves young boy's life at Herma Heart Institute

3. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Provider shortage can mean long waits for mental health help

4. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Children’s Wisconsin identifies $150 million need for mental health efforts

5. Kaiser Health News: Meet the health officials who alerted the world to the alarming vaping illness

6. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Groundbreaking IBS treatment developed at Children's Wisconsin

7. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Herma Heart Institute helps children beyond the hospital

8. CBS58: The world's smallest Tom Petty fan

9. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: New infant abuse prevention bill based on work of Children's Wisconsin doctor

10. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Project Ujima helps mother deal with grief