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Top 10 Facebook posts of 2019 for Children's Wisconsin

Top 10 social media posts of 2019

From adoptions to surprise visits from our favorite sports teams to going home strong and healthy, here at Children’s Wisconsin, we love to tell stories. Stories of surprise and discovery, stories of happy tears and miracles, stories of the sweet children we serve every day. It’s a good thing we like to tell stories, because we have tons of cute kids with truly inspiring, heartwarming stories and our Facebook followers love to hear them just as much as we love to tell them. As we look back on the wonderful year of 2019, we created a list of the top 10 most loved stories we have shared.

  1. Maddux, a micro preemie who is now a 12-pound Man of Steel.

  2. Brewers MVP Christian Yelich plays catch with some of our MVPs (Most Valuable Patients).

  3. A newly repaired heart and adorable hand-cut heart shaped bandages for Isabella.

  4. Weighing less than 2 pounds and facing a condition known as hydrocephalus, Troyshon is now home and doing wonderful.

  5. When it comes to fighting cancer and blood disorders, it’s all about teamwork and a good defense — two things the Packers know all about.

  6. Preemie, Talullah Moon, still had a lot of growing to do before she can go home, but she was loving all the special time she had to bond with mom and dad.

  7. After a week of testing in our Neurosciences Center, Aubree was diagnosed with a serious but treatable brain malformation. She is now closely monitored by our team of endocrinologists and continues to smile.

  8. Vivienne was born with her intestines on the outside of her body. Following about 20 precious seconds of skin-to-skin time, Vivienne was taken back for the first of what was several surgeries, but our doctors are optimistic for her long-term recovery.

  9. With a bang of the gavel, 22-month-old Aleksandir found his forever home after 673 days in foster care.

  10. Closely monitored by our Herma Herat Institute, Rykar’s heart condition suddenly worsened and she needed life-saving surgery. Four months later, she is back to being a crazy, active little girl