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Children's Wisconsin Top 10 social media stories of 2021

Top 10 social media stories of 2021

In a year of uncertainty and multiple challenges, our patients and their families continue to inspire us with their perseverance, gratitude, strength and personalities. From the levity of an impromptu indoor snowball fight to the momentousness of finally heading home after seven months in the hospital, here are our top 10 social media posts of 2021.

  1. Dr. Dave helps Brooklyn enjoy Wisconsin winter after a bone marrow transplant.

  2. Jeremy finds joy with his music therapist Halle as he battles hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

  3. With help from the orthopedics department, Davon is taking a big step forward.

  4. After diagnosis of multiple rare heart defects, little Millie underwent successful surgery.

  5. Mason’s third surgery for his heart defect is successful.

  6. After a bump on the head led to some unexpected symptoms, Sire’ had a check in with the Children’s Wisconsin Emergency Department.

  7. After facing complications from a rupture appendix, Kitana finds a reason to smile when she finally starts feeling better.

  8. After seven long months in the hospital, and an open heart surgery — Elsie finally made it home.

  9. Cayden shares his story and smile after successful surgery.

  10. As a kid in our complex care program, Phoenix and her mom are no strangers to Children’s Wisconsin, feeling welcome and embraced every time they walk through the door.

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