Concussions and other sports injuries require serious attention

Keeping active is important for overall health, but sports injuries in children and teens can have lifelong impact. That's why we work with parents, coaches, schools, community groups and legislators to ensure child athletes have the support and protection they need.

Improving concussion treatment through education and advocacy

A concussion is a brain injury that usually is caused by a direct blow to the head or face, such as a sports injury or bad fall from a bike. All concussions should be taken seriously. Medical evaluation and treatment of every concussion and its symptoms is very important.

We provide education to young athletes, parents and coaches to help them prevent concussions as well as know the symptoms and importance of prompt treatment when head injuries occur.

Our staff also played a leading role in the passage of youth sports concussion protection legislation in Wisconsin. The law provides education about concussion and put meaningful standards in place to address head injuries in youth sports. This includes requirements to remove an athlete with a suspected concussion from play and prevent him or her from returning without clearance from a trained health care provider. Join our advocacy efforts and help us impact public policy to improve the health and safety of young athletes.

To help ensure that we provide the best care for young athletes and families, Children's Wisconsin offers a special Concussion Line (from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday). We will promptly answer your questions or concerns. A licensed athletic trainer monitors and answers the Concussion Line. You can leave messages at anytime. We'll quickly return your call.

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