Teen driving

Learning to drive is an exciting (yet often stressful) time for teens and their caregivers. Unfortunately, motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death and injury to teens in the United States. Teen drivers have higher crash rates due to several factors: inexperience and a lack of the development of critical driving skills. Educating teen drivers along with those who support them can increase their skills, shape their behaviors, and help keep them safe on the road.

Children's Wisconsin's Teen Driving Program (formerly Crossroads) is designed to instill a sense of driver responsibility in teen drivers across the state. By becoming a trusted safety resource, Children's Wisconsin is inspiring parents and educators to get involved and become supportive mentors to new teen drivers. The program was established in 2007, and its goal remains the same: to improve the health of Wisconsin teens by preventing traffic-related loss.

Visit our website for information about the following:

  • The top risk areas for new drivers
  • Wisconsin's Graduated Driver Licensing law
  • How caregivers can help their teen become a safe driver
  • Projects and campaigns that teens can get involved in
  • Videos, online modules, and additional resources for parents, teens, and educators
  • Our partnership with Impact Teen Drivers to provide evidence-based education

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