Pedestrian safety

More than 600 child pedestrian deaths occur each year. And while young children need to learn pedestrian safety, older kids need reminders too. Teach kids and teens to use crosswalks, read traffic signals and stay distraction free while on the road.

  • Pedestrian safety tips
  • Street Smarts e-Learning program: Street Smarts is an e-Learning course for your 3rd-6th grader.  Younger children learn how to safely cross the street and how traffic and pedestrian signals help pedestrians cross safely. Older children learn the importance of crossing with an adult and how to choose the safest route when crossing. They also learn to remove distractions when walking and how to use caution around driveways, alleys, and railroad tracks.
  • Join Clifford the Big Red Dog and learn some pedestrian safety tips along the way.
  • National Walk to School Day


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