Wendy's Wonderful Kids

Children's Wisconsin Community Services is proud to partner with Wendy's Wonderful Kids and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to support the mission of ensuring every child will have a permanent home and loving family.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption funds positions for adoption recruiters – known as Wendy's Wonderful Kids recruiters – to find loving, permanent homes for children in foster care. In 2009, Children's Wisconsin Community Services received its first grant, which has been renewed each year since. Read our Wendy's Wonderful Kids success stories.

Wendy's Wonderful Kids has increased the number of adoptions for children in foster care who are waiting for a permanent home through proven child-focused recruitment strategies. Visit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website for more information.

Contact the Wendy's Wonderful Kids recruiter at Children's Wisconsin Community Services at kdavis@chw.org.

(414) 453-1400