General Foster Care/Adoption

In Wisconsin, there are several ways to become an adoptive parent. Download the chart to learn more (PDF). Children’s Wisconsin offers a licensing option for General Foster Care/Adoption.

In General Foster Care/Adoption, families begin as foster parents, caring for children on a temporary basis with the goal of reunification. When a child is not able to reunify with biological family, foster parents are asked if they would like to adopt.

About 60% of children in foster care are able to reunify with family, while about 40% of children find permanency through adoption or guardianship. When a child first comes into foster care, we typically do not know in which direction their case will go. The goal for all children placed through Children’s Wisconsin is reunification when possible. An important part of General Foster Care/Adoption is an openness to building relationships with the biological family of children in your care.

With over 2,000 children ages 0-21 in foster care in Milwaukee County, there is a need for foster and adoptive families from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Foster and adoptive families who are open to caring for sibling groups and older children (over 4 years old) fill an especially important need for children in care.

You can become licensed for General Foster Care/Adoption whether you are single, married, or partnered; and whether you have children of your own or do not. You can be a renter or a homeowner. The minimum age to become licensed is 21 years old. The state of Wisconsin covers all costs for the licensing and adoption process in General Foster Care/Adoption. You must have a verifiable source of income.

Children’s Wisconsin is proud to partner with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to support the mission of ensuring every child will have a permanent home and loving family.

Interested in learning more about General Foster Care/Adoption? Contact us at (414) 543-4376 .

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