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Visitor guidelines: As COVID-19 vaccination rates rise and infection rates fall, we continue to review and update our visitation procedures. Please review our latest guidelines before coming to any Children’s Wisconsin location.

In all of our specialty care, primary care and urgent care clinics, two individuals may accompany the patient.

Services offered

*Children's Wisconsin is not a public testing site for COVID-19. Nationwide access to testing supplies is limited. Children's is only able to test patients who meet CDC guidelines.

We know the teen years can be difficult. Adolescents go through many physical, social, and emotional changes during their teens. The Teen Health Clinic has staff that is specially trained to help teens and young adults manage all the health problems they may face - from routine to serious. If you have questions and/or curious, no need to be scared to talk to us. We are a safe, confidential, and no judgment place.

Our Staff

Services offered

Menstrual (Periods) disorders

Evaluation and management of:

  • Painful periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Absent/Lack of periods

Comprehensive reproductive health

  • Confidential care using Family Planning only services
  • Pap smear (1st at age 21)


  • Insertion and removal of long-acting reversible contraceptives (Nexplanon)
  • Contraception
  • Emergency contraception

Depo calendar (PDF)

Menstrual period-related disorders

  • Evaluation and treatment of PMS
  • Evaluation and treatment of menstrual migraines

Menstrual tracker (PDF)

Menstrual management

  • Teens with developmental delays or special needs


  • Hormonal therapy as requirement for Accutane iPledge
  • Hormonal treatment of acne


  • Support and resources for patients and parents
  • Menstrual suppression

Other services

  • PreP
  • STD testing and treatments
  • Vaping/ Tobacco cessation
  • School avoidance and frequent absenteeism

Connected with Children's

Teen Health Clinic carries with it the Children's name. That means you can take comfort in knowing your child's doctor is affiliated with one of the top Children's hospitals in the nation. Our pediatricians will connect you directly with the best available doctor if your child ever needs to see a specialist at the main hospital. And best of all, Children's specialists will keep your Teen Health primary care doctor updated on any tests, diagnoses, or treatments.

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Resources for teens and parents


Comprehensive Reproductive Health (CRH)

Resources (R)

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