Goals of good asthma control

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When asthma is in good control, these goals can be reached:

  • No asthma symptoms during the day or night
  • No limits in activities or play
  • No missed school or work
  • Fewer attacks or flares
  • No emergency room or hospital visits for asthma
  • Decreased need for quick relief medicine

The rules of two are good to follow to make sure asthma is in control.

  • Quick relief medicine should not be needed more than two times a week during the day.
  • Quick relief medicine should not be needed more than two times a month during the night.
  • Quick relief medicines should not need to be refilled more than two times a year.
    • Quick relief medicine may be needed more in illness or before exercise.

If these asthma goals are not being met, talk to the doctor. Keep track of these asthma symptoms before the next visit to the doctor.

  • Daytime symptoms
  • Nighttime symptoms
  • Number of times quick relief medicine is needed during a week
  • Number of visits to the ER or hospital

How is asthma controlled?

  • There is no cure for asthma, but there are many things that can be done to help control it. With the help of an asthma team, asthma can be controlled. A goal for asthma care is to become free of symptoms most of the time.
  • Good asthma control can mean a better quality of life.
  • Asthma is controlled best by:
    • Understanding more about asthma
    • Knowing and avoiding triggers
    • Taking medicines as prescribed. This means taking controller medicines every day even when there are no asthma symptoms.
    • Recognizing when asthma is getting worse and knowing what to do
    • Following the asthma action plan
    • Going to follow up visits with doctors and nurses
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