Asthma support services

Asthma is the most common reason for preventable hospitalization and emergency department visits by children in Wisconsin. Asthma also is one of the leading reasons children are absent from school and parents miss work.

Children with asthma can live healthy, active lives if they learn to avoid their asthma triggers and use their long-term control and quick relief medicines as directed. Unfortunately, many children don't have the support they need to properly control their disease.

Doctors and nurses in our Asthma, Allergy, and Clinical Immunology Center and our Pulmonary Medicine Program provide treatment, education, and support resources for children diagnosed with asthma. Our primary care clinics and school nurses also help manage children's asthma.

Because asthma impacts children in their homes, schools, and communities, we also are involved in other asthma outreach projects.

Asthma Plus

Children with severe, difficult-to-control asthma receive specialized care through the Asthma Plus program. Providers from many different specialties will help patients focus on education, identify short- and long-term health goals, develop an asthma action plan, understand when to contact a provider, and learn the importance of nutrition, exercise, an annual flu vaccine, and regular follow-up visits with a medical professional.

Pulmonary Function Testing

The Pulmonary Function Lab does many types of lung function tests.

Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin

The Alliance raises awareness, mobilizes leaders and people, impacts public health, and implements programs proven to work. Children's serves as the organization's fiscal agent and home. Asthma is one of the alliance's key initiatives.

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