Pulmonary Function Lab

The Pulmonary Function Lab at Children's performs a wide range of lung function testing for infants, children, and adults in a child-friendly environment.

Pulmonary function tests for children can be a challenge. Getting accurate results can be difficult. We make special efforts to make these tests fun for our patients.

A pulmonary function test is a breathing test. It gives information about how well the lungs are working. These tests may be done when a person has shortness of breath, trouble breathing, or coughs frequently. The test results may help the provider to diagnose and treat breathing problems.

The child must be able to follow simple directions about breathing and blowing. Cooperation is very important to obtain good test results. Most 5 year-olds and some younger children can do the easier tests. Other testing will depend on the age and cooperation of the child.

Ordering and scheduling

Appointments for outpatient pulmonary function tests are made through Central Scheduling.

To make an appointment, contact Central Scheduling at (414) 607-5280, toll-free at (877) 607-5280 or online. After you schedule the appointment, a pulmonary function technologist will contact you with instructions about how to prepare for the test.


Contact us

To request an appointment or have questions, please call the Pulmonary Medicine Program:

(414) 266-6730