Diabetes apps

Free Diabetes apps help you navigate your family's health and you to better health. Download them today!

CHW Carb Factor iconCarb Factor App - Determine the exact number of carbohydrates in your food quickly and easily with our Carb Factor App.

All you need is your food scale and the app! You can save an entry for future reference, email it or share it on Facebook.

BlueLoop app iconBlueLoop App - Designed for busy families, BlueLoop provides peace of mind and lets kids be kids, while calculating insulin doses and logging results all in one app.

Document, store and share diabetes information in real time, including blood glucose, carbohydrates, medication, notes and more.

Kids can test their blood sugars and log results from their desks at school, and parents/caregivers receive notifications immediately.

CHW Sick Day app iconSick Day App - This app helps caregivers or people with diabetes manage blood sugar levels and ketones during sick days, when managing diabetes can be difficult due to increased stress on the body.

Answer a few simple questions on blood sugar levels, ketones and appetite, and the app provides next steps for managing your condition.

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