Children's Wisconsin Carb Factor App

PhoneIllustrationCarbfactorThe Children's Wisconsin's Carb Factor App gives you a quick and easy way to calculate the exact amount of carbohydrate in the foods you're eating.


Create recipes and calculate the carb factor

There are so many foods we eat that can have more or less carbohydrate based on their size. Now, all you need is your food scale and the Carb Factor App to calculate the exact amount of carbohydrate in those foods. Remember to weigh only the edible portion - so take the peel off of the banana or the rind off of the orange!

Using this app, you are able to browse through our library of ingredients that contain carbs and create dishes or meals. You will then have the ability to adjust various ingredients to see how that might affect the total carbohydrate.

Save and share

Once you have a recipe just the way you want it, you can save it for future reference. You also have the ability to email or share your recipe on Facebook with others who may find it useful. Try it now!

Add the app icon to your home screen

For an Android phone

The directions are intended for Chrome browsers. Other browsers may have a different path to adding the app icon to your home screen.

1. Make sure your Chrome browser is showing the "Carb Factors" page.
2. Click the three dots found next to the address bar.
3. Select “Add to Home screen.”

Carb Factor android add to home image

For an iPhone or Apple device

  1. Click the arrow in the box found in the middle of the icons at the bottom of the screen:
    Carb Factor app arrow box image
  2. Select “Add to Home Screen.”
    Carb Factor app add to home screen image