Voice Program

Children with voice disturbances impacting their breathing and or voice may benefit from the multidisciplinary support including laryngologists and speech and language pathologists. The Voice Program at Children's Wisconsin provides and coordinates the full range of services these children and adolescents need for proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

Our team of experts work together to develop a customized treatment plan that is discussed with the patient and his or her family. Treatment plans are individually tailored. While most patients can be treated in a non-invasive outpatient setting, our providers are skilled in all areas of care.

Common reasons for referral

  • Voice abnormalities
  • Vocal cord (vocal fold nodules/polyps)
  • Vocal cord (vocal fold paresis/paralysis)
  • Paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction(PVFD)/ vocal cord dysfunction (VCD)
  • Care of voice problems in performers/vocalists
  • Hoarseness

Assessment and treatment procedures include:

  • Videostroboscopy (view of upper airway including voice box)
  • Voice therapy
  • Breathing exercises

For patients with more complex issues including aerodigestive abnormalities, our Aerodigestive program at Children's can provide and coordinate a full range of services.

Our voice specialists

  • Dr. David Beste
  • Dr. Joel Blumin
  • Dr. Joseph Kerschner
  • Dr. Timothy Martin
  • Dr. Thomas Robey

Speech Language Pathologist

  • Christine Bueckers, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Brenna Davidson, MS, CCC-SLP

Appointment and location information

To make an appointment call (414) 266-6487. We are located in the Children's Wisconsin Clinics Building in Suite 340, just next door to the main hospital. Get maps and directions.

Free parking is available in the Children's Wisconsin visitor lot or parking structure.