Primary Immunodeficiency Program

The Primary Immunodeficiency Program at Children's Wisconsin is staffed by a team of experts who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of complex primary immune deficiencies (non-AIDS conditions).

Our program provides the most advanced care for children with these deficiencies. It is recognized as a Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic Center for primary immune deficiencies. Our team is dedicated to making an early and accurate diagnosis—which is critical for adults and children with these conditions.

Learn about the top 10 warning signs of primary immunodeficiency.

Conditions we treat

We offer a full range of diagnosis and treatment options, and we continually conduct research to enhance our care. Our team diagnoses and treats many different problems that affect the immune system. Some of these include:

Clinical Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory

The Clinical Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory (CIRL) offers some of the most advanced testing in the country for many different primary immunodeficiencies. Specialists have helped develop research programs in the field of immunology, which have had a significant impact on the health of children and adults nationwide.

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