Clinical Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory

The Clinical Immunodiagnostic and Research Laboratory (CIRL) provides state-of-the-art evaluation of primary immunodeficiencies. The CIRL is part of the Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic Center for primary immunodeficiencies.

A true team effort

The CIRL is a collaborative effort between technicians, clinicians, and researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin. This team pools its knowledge of immunology and technical resources to develop and perform specialized tests on patient samples from all over the world. The CIRL is dedicated to using the latest laboratory and scientific advancements to improve patients lives.

Our clients include local, regional, and national laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and physician practices.

Full spectrum of services

Our job does not end with the communication of test results. We also provide interpretation and explanation of those results, consultation with physicians on the meaning of the test results, and recommendations for further testing. We offer all of these services in order to provide the highest-quality care.

The CIRL plays a crucial role in helping to translate scientific observations into clinical applications. The genesis of novel diagnostics originates from collaborative efforts with the Asthma/Allergy Center, Primary Immunodeficiency Program, Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, Hematology, and Oncology.

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Medical director

James Verbsky, MD, PhD

Administrative/technical director

Vikram Dasu, PhD

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