Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Program

The Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Program provides follow-up care for babies who need special care after birth, are at risk for developmental delays or have ongoing medical problems.

This program is very important during the child’s first three years — when he or she is growing quickly and learning many new skills. Parents or doctors can refer a baby to the program.

First visit

Babies should have their first follow-up visit at age 3 months (from their due date). This visit takes place in the Children’s Wisconsin Clinics Building, located next to Children’s.

Follow-up visits

Subsequent visits will be scheduled every six to 12 months until the child is 3 years old. These visits take place at Children's.

At each visit, we will assess the baby’s development, motor skills and mental abilities. We pay special attention to your child's growth, feeding, nutrition, behavior and hearing. If we find a developmental delay, we refer the baby to services like the Birth to 3 Program that will work with the family and help the baby develop.

Our team

The Neonatal Developmental Follow-up Program team includes:

  • Laurel M. Bear, MD
  • Ann Chin, RN, BSN, a pediatric nurse coordinator
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Audiologists (hearing specialists)

To make an appointment, call us at:

(414) 266-6943