Outpatient tracheostomy services

What happens in clinic?

The visits usually take two to three hours. All the trach team members meet with you and your child and review your child's care. During the Tracheostomy Clinic visit, the doctor and nurse will:

  • Review your child's condition and plan for care
  • Make changes to ventilator settings and oxygen
  • Change medicine and doses
  • Do lab tests and/or x-rays
  • Check for any problems
  • Continue your teaching and go over new information

Items to bring to clinic

  • A list of your child's medications
  • Supplies your child will need during the time you are in the Tracheostomy Clinic
  • Questions and concerns to discuss with team members
  • Care Notebook
  • Go Bag Items
  • Ventilator cords, battery back up

Outpatient phone triage and care coordination

In addition to clinic visits, we are always available to answer any questions by calling our office at (414) 266-6730. After 5 p.m. and on weekend, please call (414) 266-2000 and ask for the pulmonary doctor on call.

Phone triage nurses are available to answer sick calls. Your child's APN or nurse clinician is available for any other questions about skin or trach care concerns, school questions, home nursing, or other care coordination issues.

Your child's APN or nurse clinician can assist you with many things related to your child's care coordination, such as:

  • Scheduling appointments and coordinating multiple visits or appointments
  • School transition and therapy concerns
  • General questions or concerns regarding your child's tracheostomy or home ventilator care
  • Skin care concerns related to neck or stoma sites
  • Home nursing care needs
  • Home care nurses can also call the APN or nurse clinician directly with questions or concerns
  • The APN or nurse clinician will assist in reviewing your child's plan of care for updates and changes for home nursing that will be signed by their pulmonary doctor

To request an appointment or have questions, please call:

(414) 266-6730

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