Decision making

Around the age of 13/14 you gain rights to consent for certain kinds of medical care as well as confidentiality expectations.  

At the age of 18 you legally become responsible for your health care unless the court has appointed a legal guardian due to cognitive impairments.  If you are your own guardian you should complete an advanced directive and sign releases of information for the people you’d like to be involved in your medical care.

Living Will, Power of Attorney Forms, Authorization for Final Disposition

Reproductive Health, STD's, & Mental Health resources

Young adults
that can manage their healthcare independently should consider supported decision-making to identify people that can provide help with life decisions.  Please contact a Children’s WI social worker for additional information. 

To the parents/caregivers of young adults who are unable to make decisions on their own behalf, you will need to complete a legal transfer of guardianship.  This process requires a hearing in front of a judge.  Please contact a Children's WI social worker for additional information.

Guardianship resources:

Guardianship Clinic brochure - English

Guardianship Clinic brochure - Spanish

Advance Medical Directives