Hypospadias repair

Surgical repair is ideally performed around the age of 6-12 months old. As the child gets older, the more difficult the recovery can be for both the boy and the parents.

Surgery is performed as an outpatient under a general anesthetic. Most cases take between 1.5-3 hours to complete and the baby goes home later that day. In all but the most minor cases, a catheter will be placed and it will stay in to drain the bladder for 5-10 days while the repair heals. We simply let it drip into a diaper.

The mild cases of hypospadias can be repaired with one surgery with a success rate of around 95% or greater. And once we have a successful outcome, it is unlikely that there will be problems later in life. The more severe the hypospadias is, the more complex the surgical repair becomes and the risk of complications may increase. In some cases we plan on two surgeries to complete the repair. This is another reason to start repairs at an earlier age.

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