Student placement (non-nursing)

Welcome to Children's Wisconsin. Our goal is to provide high quality educational experiences for students in undergraduate and graduate healthcare programs. Embedded in our mission is a strong commitment to the education of our future work forces.

Program overview
Departments all over Children's participate in student placements with hundreds of different schools. There are many types of student placements, in both clinical and non-clinical areas.

All student placements must be made through an affiliated school. We do not accept requests directly from the student. Contact the course faculty at your institution if you are interested in pursuing a placement at Children's.

If you are not a student or faculty member from a currently affiliated school/accepted program but are interested in a placement at Children's, contact the hospital specialty most closely associated with your area of study to determine whether or not that discipline would be interested and able to take students from your school/program.


Job shadows
Review the observers/job shadows webpage to learn more about job shadowing opportunities.

If you have questions related to health care student placements at Children's, contact an instructor or program adviser at your school.