Guidelines for parents

Food storage and use of unit refrigerator

Food items kept in your child’s room must be packaged to prevent attracting bugs. Foods that are brought in and need refrigeration must be dated and labeled with your child’s name. There are refrigerators in the family lounges on the inpatient units. There are no in-room refrigerators. Use labels from your child’s care provider to place on your personal food. Staff follow health safety guidelines and will throw away any food that is not labeled or has been in the refrigerator longer than 48 hours. Children’s Wisconsin will not replace food that is thrown out for this reason.

Identification badge

Upon arrival, an identification band will be placed on your child. Our staff must use that band to check your child’s identity before all procedures, including giving medication or giving blood. This is an important safety check to make sure your child gets the correct treatment.
Identification badges for visitors must be worn at all times in the hospital.

  • A new badge is needed every day
  • Get badges at any nurses' station
  • Turn in badges at the nurses' station when you leave

Leaving your child’s room

Ask your child’s care provider before taking your child for a walk inside the hospital on the pediatric unit. 

There is a playroom on the pediatrics floor your child can play in with you. Please supervise your child at all times. Siblings are not allowed to play in this room.

News media

Being at Children’s Wisconsin with a sick or injured child can be stressful. Sometimes, the news media may want to talk to you. Let the hospital media relations team help you handle these calls. Keep the following in mind if you are called by a reporter:

  • You do not have to talk to reporters.
  • You do not owe them an interview.
  • Even if you promised someone an interview, it is okay to change your mind.
  • Do not arrange interviews on your own. Hospital policy requires reporters to be with a media relations specialist at all times. Call (414) 266-5420 for help.
  • Security Services staff is required to ask all unescorted reporters to leave the hospital.
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