Visiting guidelines - Fox Valley hospital

General guidelines

All visitors, including parents, legal guardians, grandparents, etc., must stop at the unit front desk each day to sign in and receive a badge. For the safety of our patients, people with coughs, colds or illness should not visit. We reserve the right to change visitor restrictions and screening.

To protect the privacy, confidentiality and health of our patients, we limit the number and types of visitors. We do not allow groups to distribute gifts or visit directly with patients.

Any special guests who don’t get approval before coming to the hospital will be given information about how to schedule a future visit and asked to leave.

Visitor guidelines

Identification badge

Identification badges for visitors must be worn at all times in the hospital.

  • A new badge is needed every day
  • There are badges are available at any nurses' station
  • Turn in badges at the nurses' station when you leave


Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Parents, grandparents or legal guardians may visit anytime. Refer to visitor restriction for information about COVID restrictions.

All other visitors will be asked to leave at 8 p.m.

Cellphone, computers & tablets

Cellphone/computer usage

Cell phones, computers and tablets are allowed in the hospital.

Free Wi-Fi

Connect to the ThedaCare’s public network and type Accept the login agreement.

Cameras/picture taking

Taking pictures of anyone other than your child is not allowed. Please respect the privacy of others.


Gifts are acceptable with restrictions due to allergies.

  • Balloons - Latex (rubber) balloons are not allowed. Only Mylar (metallic) balloons are allowed.
  • Plants - some units do not accept live plants.

If you are unsure if a gift is allowed, please ask your child’s nurse.

Infection prevention

Hand Washing

Cleaning your hands is the best way to decrease the spread of germs. There is a waterless sanitizer and soap in every patient room. 

Everyone should wash their hands with soap and water when there is visible dirt. This includes: 

  • after contact with blood, body fluids, bandages or diapers
  • before eating and after feeding your child  
  • after using the bathroom

Use the waterless sanitizer if hands are not visibly dirty. For safety purposes, rub the hand sanitizer into your hands and avoid touching others, equipment or bedding until thoroughly dry. If you have used the hand sanitizer more than 5 times, wash your hands with soap and running water. 


If any visitor has a cold, runny nose, cough, fever, diarrhea, rash, is throwing up or has any other infectious disease, do not let that person visit.

Chickenpox or measles

If any visitor has been exposed to chickenpox or measles within the past 21 days, and never had it before, they may not visit. All visiting children must be up to date on their vaccines.

Smoking policy

Children’s and ThedaCare are smoke-free environments, and do not permit the use of any tobacco products, or smokeless or “spit” tobacco on their property.

This ban includes buildings, grounds, parking lots, sidewalks and structures on the property, and any vehicles parked on hospital grounds. This specifically includes all property where public easements have been granted. Public easements include sidewalks and roadways adjacent to wholly owned, rented and/or leased property by either Children’s Wisconsin or ThedaCare.


Weapons or firearms are not allowed on our properties.

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To make an appointment, call our Central Scheduling team or request an appointment online.

(877) 607-5280

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