Shared notes in MyChart

When you come to Children's Wisconsin for an appointment, your child's healthcare provider makes a record of the visit, called a "note," in your child's electronic medical record. The note includes information that was shared during the visit as well as your provider's thoughts about diagnosis and treatment.

Now you can read these notes through MyChart.

Studies show that most patients remember less than half of what they discuss with their provider. To make sure you don't miss important information, sharing notes gives you the opportunity to review the details of your child's visit at any time. Above all, sharing notes helps you make sure that you and your child's healthcare team are always on the same page.

Want to get the most out of reading your child's notes? Here are some suggestions:

  • Read the note after the visit to remind you what was discussed and the treatment plan, including changes in medication, testing, appointments, or any referrals needed.
  • Review the note between visits to make sure you're on track with recommended follow up.
  • Read the note before your child's next visit to help you prepare. Identify any new issues that have come up since the last visit.

Frequently asked questions

Which notes can I see?

Children's Wisconsin patients can see notes from all of their visits at Children's Wisconsin. You will only see notes from visits after March 16, 2021, in MyChart.

When can I see a note from my child’s visit?

You will be able to find your child's notes in MyChart when your child's healthcare provider completes it.

How do I find my child’s notes?

  1. In MyChart (in your web browser or mobile App), click on the Visits tab. Locate the visit you are interested in.
  2. Underneath the date of the visit you should find a link to "View Notes."
  3. You will only see notes AFTER March, 16 2021.

What if I don't understand something written in the note?

If you find the note difficult to understand because there are unfamiliar terms or abbreviations, this Medical Dictionary – Common Abbreviations may help. Medline Plus is a good resource to help you better understand your condition or medical terms.

Can I see lab or imaging results in MyChart?

The results of lab and imaging tests will be seen in your MyChart account.

Some results are ready on the same day. Other results may take a few days. When the result is ready, we put them in MyChart right away. Sometimes you may see your results before your provider has seen them. You may want to wait to review results in MyChart until after you have had a chance to speak with your provider. The provider will let you know what the results mean. They will contact you within a few days after the result is available. We will contact you right away for serious results.

If you have any concerns, please contact us by sending a message through MyChart or by calling the provider who ordered the test. Please allow up to 2 full business days for a response to non-urgent MyChart Questions.

I’m worried about privacy. Who else has access to this information?

Your medical information can only be viewed by people who are directly involved in your child's care. Here are steps you can take to help maintain your child's privacy:

  • Keep MyChart login and password information private.
  • Make sure you log out when you are finished looking at MyChart.

Is it possible for me to see my child’s entire medical record?

All patients have a right to request their full medical record, including providers' notes from the Children's Wisconsin Healthcare Information Management Department.

What if I see an error? How can I request a change to my child’s note or record?

For a simple error such as a wrong medication or dose listed, you should contact the provider by calling their office or sending a MyChart message. For more complicated requests, contact Children's Wisconsin Healthcare Information Management Department.