Healthy kids, healthy communities

At Children's Wisconsin, we are pioneering ways to keep kids healthy, improve the care available to children and manage health care costs. We also know that to achieve our vision of having Wisconsin's kids be the healthiest in the nation, we must address the major health challenges facing the kids in our community.

Healthcare is changing - we're helping set the new direction

Our commitment to providing the best care for kids includes continuously improving the quality of our care and offering families the best value for their health care dollars. But our mission isn't just about treating children when they are sick or injured. Most kids are healthy, and we want to keep it that way.

We are looking at all the factors that affect children's health - including genetics, the environment where children live and personal health care choices. This requires collaboration with our primary and specialty care physicians, other health care providers, community agencies, schools, parents and others to address children's physical, emotional and social needs.

Families are our partners in this process. We're listening to what you need to keep your children healthy and supporting you with information and resources.

Building community capacity

We are collaborating with members of our community to improve the quality of care available to children and address the issues with the greatest impact on the health of the kids in our state. Through partnerships with others who care about kids, we are finding new ways to address needs related to asthma management, dental health, mental health, obesity, primary care access, and more.

Healthcare coordination

Coordinating healthcare between primary care doctors, specialty doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations can be difficult. We're working on ways to help families navigate the continuum of healthcare services. One example is a $2.8 million grant we received from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to create a network of culturally sensitive professional, clinical, and social resources that will help families learn to better access and use healthcare. The families are members of our health insurance plan.

Accountable care networks

Accountable care networks tie payments to health outcomes. A group of healthcare providers form a network that provides services to a specific population. Then they measure health outcomes to see what works best. Children's Wisconsin provides the pediatric services for such networks. This is one way we are working to improve care and reduce costs.

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