Obesity resources

Obesity and being overweight contribute to many health problems in children including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Obesity puts children at risk for depression, behavioral problems, distorted body image, and low self-esteem. In addition, children who are overweight are more likely to have weight management issues as adults.

Many parents need help managing their children's weight. Our NEW (Nutrition, Exercise and Weight Management) KidsTM Program provides individualized treatment of pediatric overweight.

Because pediatric overweight has become such an epidemic in our society, we also are involved in a number of other community-based weight management programs.

Coordinated school health

Our school nurses and community health navigators are working with several Milwaukee Public Schools to implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s coordinated school health model. Strategies range from education for students, staff, and families to healthy meal nights to classroom physical activity breaks.

Milwaukee Childhood Obesity Prevention Project

Children's is a member of this coalition focused on reducing childhood obesity in Milwaukee through environmental and policy improvements and changes that promote healthy eating and active living. Key areas of focus include healthy foods and beverages, land use, active living, and curriculum, and professional development.

E-learning programs for students

Our e-learning programs include Mission: Health, curriculum designed to change knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of kindergarten through eighth-grade students around eating and activity.

Weight of the Nation Summit – Fox Valley

We are part of this Fox Valley area initiative to educate the community on the causes, impact, and complexity of obesity; enhance and build capacity to deal with the issue of obesity by bringing people together; and define steps to address the issue of obesity in the Fox Valley.

Fox Valley Community Health Action Team

We participate on ThedaCare's Community Health Action Team, a diverse group of leaders from all sectors of the community that come together to understand and improve local health issues.

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If you have questions, contact your doctor or call the NEW Kids Program to request a NEW Kid's referral packet.

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Once your primary care provider has filled out and faxed a referral form for the NEW Kids Program, you can call Central Scheduling to make an appointment at (414) 607-5280.

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