Improving access to primary care for children

Many Wisconsin children live in neighborhoods with limited access to healthcare. We are working with residents, schools, community groups, and other partners to change this.

We want Wisconsin to have the healthiest kids in the nation. Health outcomes for children in Milwaukee, the state’s largest city, must be improved to achieve this goal.

Milwaukee children and their families need convenient access to primary care services that can help prevent illness and manage chronic health conditions. We have established clinics and created programs that reach these children where they live, learn, and play.

Primary care

We offer primary care clinics throughout southeast Wisconsin. Several of these clinics are in Milwaukee neighborhoods where there were too few care providers to meet the needs of residents. Our Midtown Clinic serves the primary care needs of Milwaukee children.

Dental care

Because good oral health contributes to overall health, we are committed to ensuring Milwaukee children have access to dental care. We operate two dental clinics in Milwaukee neighborhoods where the need for pediatric dental services is the greatest. Next Door Clinic and Midtown Clinic serve thousands of Milwaukee children each year.

School nurses

School nurses have direct contact with children on a daily basis during the school year. They provide screenings, monitor chronic health conditions and connect children and their families with community resources. Our School Nurse Program works with school staff to implement a comprehensive school health program that includes health education; health, nutrition and counseling services; a healthy and safe environment; physical education; a healthy staff; and family and community involvement.

Adolescent health

As they change physically, emotionally and socially, adolescents can face some unique health challenges. Our Adolescent Health Program provides these young adults with primary care, acute and chronic illness management, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy tests and family planning. Physicians and staff also serve adolescents at the Milwaukee County Detention Center.

Primary care clinics

Midtown Clinic, 5433 W. Fond du Lac Avenue, Milwaukee – (414) 277-8900

Next Door Pediatrics, 2561 N. 29th Street, Milwaukee – (414) 264-5338

Dental centers

Next Door Dental Center, 2561 N. 29th St., Milwaukee - (414) 372-4007

Midtown Dental Clinic, 5433 W. Fond du Lac Ave., Milwaukee – (414) 607-5280

Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program

Midtown Clinic – (414) 277-8900

Lady Pitts/Custer High School Health Center – (414) 393-4919

Opportunities Unlimited – (414) 277-8900

Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center – (414) 257-6561

Cardinal Clinic, South Division High School – (414) 902-8338

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling – (414) 277-8916