Clinics focus on the needs of Milwaukee’s central city adolescents

Many Milwaukee adolescents don't have a primary care doctor. We are helping these young adults to get the services they need through our Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program.

Services provided to adolescents include primary health care, acute and chronic illness management, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy tests and family planning. Confidential services are available for sensitive issues such as pregnancy or possible sexual infections. However, parental involvement is encouraged whenever possible.

The Midtown Clinic is the primary site for the Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program. More than 3,500 teen visits take place at this location annually.

Our staff also treats more than 6,000 detained adolescents at the Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center each year. Common medical problems for these young people include sexually transmitted diseases, gunshot wounds, asthma, pregnancy and mental health issues.

Program staff includes Wendi Ehrman, MD, M. Susan Jay, MD, and several nurse practitioners.

Program locations

  • Lady Pitts/Custer High School Health Center - 5975 N. Sherman Blvd.
  • Midtown Clinic, 5433 W. Fond du Lac Ave.
  • Opportunities Unlimited - 1020 N. 12th St.
  • Milwaukee County Juvenile Detention Center
  • Cardinal Clinic, South Division High School - 1515 W. Lapham Blvd.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling - 1020 N. 12th St.