What to expect

Our team of Registered Dieticians (RDs) work with medical providers across the organization to help our patients become the healthiest kids in the nation through the best possible nutritional care.

Inpatient services

RDs are available on every inpatient unit to provide comprehensive nutritional screening and develop individualized nutrition care plans that can help shorten the length of stay in the hospital, minimize medical complications while in the hospital, and help each child get back on his or her feet as soon as possible. Personalized nutrition care plans may involve nutrition support such as total parenteral nutrition, enteral nutrition, special oral diet orders, and inpatient education.

Outpatient services

RDs work closely with the medical teams in several specialty areas to provide in-depth nutrition assessment, develop personalized nutrition interventions based on medical condition, and provide comprehensive nutrition education to make sure each family can provide the best care for their child. In order to see one of our specialized dieticians, patients must also be seen with a medical specialist in the appropriate clinic.

Contact clinical nutrition

(414) 266-4077

Children's Wisconsin Clinical Nutrition Handbook for Healthcare Professionals

Developed by dietitians at Children's Wisconsin using evidence-based tools and information, the Clinical Nutrition Handbook is an excellent on-line nutrition care resource for providers and students caring for kids at any pediatric site.

Carb Factor App

Download the Carb Factor Application from Children's Wisconsin

The Children's Wisconsin's Carb Factor App gives you a quick and easy way to calculate the exact amount of carbohydrate in the foods you're eating.