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Below are just a few of the common questions our team receives about bridled nasogastric (NG) tubes.

Does a bridled NG tube hurt?

Having a bridled NG-tube in place is not painful. If the bridle or tube get pulled or tugged, your child may experience some discomfort inside the nose. It is common for children to be a little sore the day after placement of a new bridle. Ask your doctor if it is okay for your child to take Tylenol to help with any discomfort.

Does a bridled NG-tube cause vomiting or choking?

A child may vomit while a bridled NG is in place, but the NG-tube and bridle are not the cause of the vomiting. Choking or gagging is not common but if it happens call the Children's NG bridle clinician or GI clinic front desk.

Can my child have a bridled NG tube instead of a G-tube?

A bridled NG-tube is not a replacement for a G-tube. Bridled NG-tubes are temporary and can be used for 4-8 weeks. If a child still needs tube feedings after this time, a more durable tube option will be discussed.

Does a bridled NG-tube affect my child's ability to eat by mouth?

A bridled NG-tube is a way to help your child work towards eating everything by mouth at home and should not affect his/her eating skills.

How often does a bridled NG-tube need to be replaced?

The NG-tube and bridle need to be replaced every 30 days at a clinic visit or while in the hospital.

What do I do if my child’s NG-tube comes out?

Call the Enteral Feeding Program at (414) 266-2085. You may need to come into clinic or the emergency room to have your child’s NG replaced.