Research and advocacy

Our Celiac Program is dedicated to determining ideal ways to enhance care for children with Celiac disease and gluten-related disorders.

Research is an integral part of what we do. At the Children's Wisconsin's Celiac Program, we know that it is very important to collaborate with Celiac programs across the nation to collect data and share ideas. That way, we work and learn together to provide the best care to patients and their families right here in Wisconsin.


  • Guidelines for primary care providers to manage Celiac Disease
  • Guidelines to assist Endocrinologists in screening patients with Type 1 Diabetes for Celiac Disease
  • Genetic risk factors for patients with both Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease
  • Creating a registry to better understand the clinical course of children with Celiac Disease
  • Creating a biobank of tissue and blood samples to better understand the causes of Celiac Disease


CHW support group
  • The goal of our support group is to help our patients and families connect with others who are living with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity. The topics include our annual gluten free cookie exchange, gluten free cooking classes, and discussions about the psychosocial aspects of living with a chronic disease. It’s a great opportunity for families to ask questions and share ideas, stories, and advice.
Education for healthcare institutions
  • Due to our expertise, we are called upon to educate healthcare providers across the county on the gluten free diet to assist them in better serving their patients with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity. 
Education in schools 
  • We work with school districts across the state to educate staff on how to safely prepare gluten free meals for students who are following a gluten free diet. We provide education for teachers and school nurses on how to better care for and support their students with Celiac Disease.
NASPGHAN Nutrition curriculum
  • Our team created an online teaching module about the nutritional implications of Celiac Disease.  This will be used internationally to help pediatric gastroenterologists in training.
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