Caring for children with malabsorption disorders

Learn how our Gastroenterology, Liver and Nutrition Program cares for children with malabsorption disorders.

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Our approach to malabsorption

Children’s Wisconsin offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to managing malabsorptive disorders, with experts in celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, pancreatic insufficiency and other rare conditions that can lead to malabsorption. Our Nutrition Care Program is led by Dr. Praveen Goday, a nationally known expert in pediatric nutrition.

Malabsorption services we offer

From diagnosis to ongoing treatment, our staff will work with your family to maximize your child’s nutrition and wellbeing. Our team includes gastroenterologists, dieticians, nurses and social workers who have experience working with children with nutritional disorders, and we collaborate closely with other specialists on your child’s medical team to deliver the best care possible.

Diagnosing and treating malabsorption

If your child is experiencing poor growth, persistent diarrhea and other symptoms, your pediatrician might test your child for a malabsorptive disorder. Tests can include:
Treatment depends on your child’s particular condition, but it often involves diet changes. Children who have trouble digesting lactose or sugar will need to avoid those foods or take oral medications to replace necessary digestive enzymes. Those with celiac disease should avoid gluten. Some children, including those with short bowel syndrome, might require nutritional supplementation through an IV solution.

Although malabsorptive disorders are usually chronic conditions, our specialists will work with your family to create a customized plan that improves your child’s growth and quality of life.
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