Preparing for home

Be sure you have a complete list of all phone numbers you may need before you leave the hospital. Include emergency, hospital, care team and community phone numbers of those involved with and knowledgeable about your child’s care.

Keep this list available and post a copy near each of your telephones, or list in your smart phone. Children’s Wisconsin also has a MyChart app to help keep track of your child’s information. Your child’s surgeon, gastroenterology doctor or one of his or her partners is always on call and is available to assist you and answer questions about your child’s care.

If you have an emergency situation, call 9-1-1.

Clinic visits

After going home, your child will need to come back to the gastroenterology and/or surgery clinic for follow-up visits. You can schedule these visits while you are in the clinic or by calling Central Scheduling at (414) 607-5280.

The clinic team members meet with you and your child to review your child’s care. During the G-tube clinic visit, we:
  • Review your child’s condition and plan for care
  • Change medicines and dosages
  • Do lab tests and/or x-rays
  • Check for any problems
  • Continue your teaching and go over new information

Items to bring to clinic

  • A list of your child’s medicines
  • Supplies your child will need during the time you are in the clinic or at the hospital
  • Questions and concerns to discuss with team members

Clinic team members you will see

The clinic assistant will:

  • Measure your child’s height and weight
  • Check blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and temperature if needed

The clinic RN or APN will:

  • Review and update your medical history since the last visit
  • Review your child’s medicines and prescriptions
  • Review your child’s daily schedule
  • Discuss activity and therapy
  • Answer questions and discuss concerns

The dietician will:

  • Review your child’s growth and feeding intake
  • Make suggestions for changes, if needed