How do I use my test results?

Genetic testing can be used for multiple reasons. Sometimes people may want more information and sometimes people want less information.

Can I use the test to determine paternity?

While genomic testing can establish paternity, it is not the optimal test for such determination.

Can I exclude certain genes?

We allow families to choose the categories of incidental findings that they wish to have reported as described on page 4 of the ‘test request form’. (

Can I include only certain genes?

In order to limit identification of secondary/incidental finding the ordering physician can limit the analysis to a particular list of genes.  However, if the diagnosis is not found on that list the laboratory will evaluate the rest of the genomic data to try to find a diagnosis.

Can I use the test as a non-clinically available selected gene panel?

As there are many genes connected to genetic disorder where testing in not available in a clinical laboratory, genomic testing can certainly be used to evaluate those genes.

Can I determine my ancestry based on this result?

While data from genomic testing can provide clues to ancestry, the test provided by the laboratory does not analyze the data to evaluate ancestry.

Can I do prenatal whole exome sequencing (WES)?

Prenatal WES testing is not available at our laboratory at this time.

Will you test a fetus for a variant?

The laboratory does not carry out prenatal testing.

Can we do preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) with our whole genome sequencing (WGS) results?

Results may be used by preimplantation genetic testing laboratories.

Do I have to follow the recommendations that result from testing?

The laboratory strongly recommends that results and recommendations that appear in the test report be discussed with the ordering physician.

How should I discuss the results with my child?

Parents may choose to disclose or withhold results from their children.  We recommend that this decision be made in consultation with the child’s physician.  Please be aware that at age 18, children can request a copy of their medical record and may become aware of these results.  Additionally, other health care providers that care for your child may have access to this report.

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