NG & NJ tube placements and replacements

Nasojejunal (NJ) tube

An NJ tube is a type of feeding tube . This tube is placed in the nose and travels past the stomach and into the intestine (jejuna portion of small bowel intestine). Nutrition, fluids and medication can be given through this tube and go directly to the intestines of children unable to obtain adequate nutrition.

Patients who have a hard time tolerating food or liquids in their stomach may require a NJ tube. These patients may have conditions such as aspiration, slow gastric emptying, or severe stomach pain.

Treatment recovery

The procedure typically requires 10- 30 minutes to complete. Most patients do not require sedation for this procedure. In some cases, medication is given to help with anxiety about the procedure.

Numbing gel can be placed on the nose then a small tube will be guided down the nose and into the jejunum (small bowel) using X-ray guidance. To help visualize the stomach and small bowel and ensure appropriate positioning of the tube, a small amount of X-ray dye will be injected through the tube. The tube will be secured to the cheek with tape.

The child can sit in bed, a chair or walk with the tube in place following the procedure. Your child may feel the tube in his or her nose and throat for a few hours after the procedure. This feeling will go away.

The feeding tube may need to remain in place for several days to weeks depending on why it was placed. Your child can resume his or her normal activities as long as the tube is secure and is not at risk of being pulled out.

Benefits of treatment

Patient's with NJ tubes can get food and liquids without having vomiting or pain. Following the procedure, patients are more likely to gain weight.

Risks of treatment

There is a very small chance that the tube can cause a tear or hole in the lining of the esophagus, stomach, or intestine. Occasionally, there can be a nose bleed due to tube placement. Lastly, NJ tubes can accidentally be pulled out, this would require another visit to have the NJ tube replaced.

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