Vaccinations are very safe, help, and protect children and families health so they can learn and grow.

Children's Wisconsin wants the kids we serve to be the healthiest children in the nation. One of the best ways to keep kids healthy is to make sure they are protected from serious diseases with immunizations. The germs that cause these diseases are still around. Adhering to the recommended schedule for vaccines will help your kids stay healthy.

Be a hero for a lifetime--immunize

Immunizations are not just for kids. It is important that teens and adults also receive regular immunizations When you protect yourself, you protect everyone around you. Make sure your entire family is up to date on immunizations.

To help us make sure your family members are up to date on your vaccinations, Children's will look at immunization records as part of each hospital stay and clinic visit. The state has a computer database, called the Wisconsin Immunization Registry, where health care providers can record all immunizations they give.

You can even check your own child's immunization records using their full name, Social Security number, and birth date.

We’ll keep you up to date

We will let you know if your child is missing vaccines. Some vaccines may be available at the hospital. Your primary care doctor's office or the place your family regularly gets medical care is called a medical home. Care providers at your medical home or your local health department also can help make sure your child stays up to date with vaccines. Let us know if you need help finding a medical home. If you have a state insurance card, you also can call the 800 number on the back for help finding a medical home.

More information

Annual flu vaccinations

An annual flu vaccination, given in the fall, is recommended for most people older than 6 months. Learn more about the flu vaccine.

Vaccinations are important

Protect yourself, your children, your entire family from polio, measles, chickenpox, seasonal flu, and shingles, a painful disease that any adult who had chickenpox as a child can get. Learn why vaccinations are important. 

Vaccines are safe

Safety is our first concern. There is no better, safer way to protect against life-threatening and serious disease than immunization. Here's the truth about why vaccines are safe.

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