Patient family information

Who can visit?

  • Parents, guardians and grandparents may visit anytime.
  • Siblings and other visitors may visit from 8 am to 8 pm. At certain times of the year, like during flu season, children under 12 years old may not be able to visit your child in the hospital. This includes siblings.
  • Legal guardians must fill out the visitor list for the patient. This list shows the hospital staff who can come see the patient. The staff will give you the list to fill in.
  • Everyone must wear a visitor or parent badge at all times. Badges can be picked up at the main hospital information desks. These are on the 2nd floor or in the West, main lobby.

How do we keep germs from spreading?

  • Everyone must clean their hands each time they enter or leave your child’s room. Parents and visitors must clean their hands too.
  • If your child is in isolation, they must stay in their room. Once food and drinks go in the patient’s room, they cannot come out. Do not put them in the family refrigerator after they have been in the patient’s room.
  • If any visitor has cold or flu symptoms, they cannot visit. Symptoms like a cough or runny nose, or a fever means they cannot visit. 

What else is on the hospital floor?

  • There is a family lounge for your use during your child’s stay. The family lounge has an ice and water machine.
  • There is also:
    • microwave
    • oven
    • toaster
    • refrigerator
    • coffee machine
    • ice cream – ask the nurse or someone at the front desk
    • washer and dryer - an adult can ask for a key to use with the washer and dryer or oven. Ask at the front desk.
  • Your child can get meals or snacks from room service from 7 am to 9 pm. Menus are in their room. You or your child can call 6-3663 on the phone to order for your child’s room service.
  • There is a play room and teen room on the floor. These rooms are only open to patients. If your child is in isolation and wants toys, please ask your child’s nurse. The key to the playroom is at the front desk. Please ask your nurse about the teen room. 

What happens in the hospital?

  • The medical teams typically round between 9 am - 12 pm. Rounding means that the medical and support team talks about the how each patient is doing and what care they need. The team will come around to your child’s room. You and your family are welcome to join.
  • Medical information will only be given to parents or legal guardians.
  • A nurse will check on your child every hour, even through the night. Your nurse will try to plan cares with you, but the safety of your child is our priority.
  • We will check vital signs at 4:00 AM, 8:00 AM, Noon, 4:00 PM, 8:00 PM, and Midnight. Your child may need to be checked more or less often.
  • Labs are drawn at 4:00 AM. They are done early so that your child’s care team has the results when they do rounds to talk about care.
  • If your child wears diapers, please save them on the scale in the bathroom. We will weigh them.
  • Alarms are needed to alert your child’s nurse to a potential problem. To keep your child safe, do not silence the alarms. This includes the IV pump alarms and other equipment alarms in the room.
  • Your child will get a new bed every 10 days. They will also move to a new room every 20 days. This helps prevent infections. 

What can I bring into the room?

  • You may be able to bring things from home to make your child’s room feel better. Talk with your child’s nurse before bringing things for their room.
  • Remember, if your child is in the HOT unit more than 20 days they will be moving rooms. A lot of extra stuff in the room makes it harder to clean or move rooms.
    Often a patient may want an oil diffuser or aromatherapy machine. Only waterless oil diffusers are allowed. Please ask your child’s provider before using.
  • No fans are allowed.

How do I call in and out of the hospital?

  • The unit phone number is (414) 266-3050. You can call this number to ask to talk to your child’s nurse when you are away.
  • You may use the phone in your child’s room to make a local call. Dial 9 first, then the number you want to call.